Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I don't necessarily have a story to share or an excerpt from a particular time,  but, on a near daily basis, I come across patients and their families that have no choice but to live rather than exist. In today's Healthcare landscape, most severely ill patients deal with, not only their host disease, but also the ills of a system too complex to manage.  I believe it is inherent in most humans to do the right thing, to care and have compassion, but when that becomes lost, systems are put on place to assure its longevity. When that begins to fail, then it is up to some very special humans to remain human and to have the fortitude to believe in what is good and to care enough to care. Many of these types go unnoticed as our headlines never fall short of sensationalizing the other end of that spectrum, but the other end of that spectrum is not courageous. For those that choice to be courageous,  I say, "Onward, brutha!"

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